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January 2, 2007
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Zodiac Maiden Libra by JessicaElwood Zodiac Maiden Libra by JessicaElwood
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"A warrior maiden of The Cosmic Order and the Cardinal Sign, Libra on the surface seems sultry and seductive. Her manners, even her voice barely gets above a purring whisper and she moves with artful grace, every inch of her either in combat or at rest is something to behold.

At about the same time as Capricorn was introduced, Libra graduated to the ranks of the Cosmic Order, a darling of her instructors and caretakers. She joined almost on accident, simply venturing into the realm of the celestial guardians as though it was a pre-destined event; the guardians were as much angered by the intrusion as they were mystified by how easily she accepted their explaination and how readily she asked to join.

Libra is a specialist and probably the Celestial Order's best informant, taking on solo missions as easily as she does a full deployment with her sisterhood. And her sisters even on the worst days count on the breezy Libra to give them confidence and advice. She dresses down (or nothing at all except her artful body painting!) not for show, but because she is at her best when she's most comfortable. In battle, she picks her opponents carefully, perceives their intent and completely and utterly defeats them.

However, such defeats don't always come easily. Regarded as the "artist" of the Cardinal Sign's maidenhood, Libra tends to feel her way through life than think logically. Even though she's good at collection information or getting out of predicaments, she does so with great flourish and display -- unlike Capricorn who's all business, or Aries who blusters her way through things. Libra is a sore loser; seeing her efforts wasted angers her greatly, and she accepts blunt criticisms or emotions just as poorly -- she and Scorpio often butt heads... Deeply curious and indulgent about everything, the other maidens do try to be polite about how NOSY she can be...

Libra is definitely one of the Cosmic Order's greatest assets, for her insightfulness and "effortless effort" shows the level of achievement that the order demands -- and how easily their maidens can deliver.
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Adorable picture, great backstory :3
MonsterBuddy Apr 30, 2012  Student General Artist
Heh, and I think to myself that I too am born during the Libra section of the year. Woot!
Totally love this! I'm under the sign of libra and my fav animals are cats, so this is expecially great <3
WesXComiX Jun 22, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Love the colors! Simply amazing!
DXLVII Apr 8, 2010  Student General Artist
Everything about this picture is just plain awesome... beautiful golden eyes, LOVELY cute face, hot body, awesome outfit (jester for the WIN), and a SCYTHE?!?

~<3 <3<3<3<3<3<3<3
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