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February 26, 2008
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Victorian Monstergirl: Velvet by JessicaElwood Victorian Monstergirl: Velvet by JessicaElwood
Fourth char and my favorite so far ^^ Desc by :iconmocaw:


The Moonlight Mansion offers many pleasures to thrill the mind and body. Some never were human. Some were human once. Some are human still. Others are human. . . mostly.

Such is the case of Velvet.

Born to one of a pair of twins, heir to a long line of voodoo witches daughters of the black continent, knowledgeable in dark secrets that were old when Africa was young, Velvet a member of an ancient tradition of magick dating back to the earliest days of the human race. The pinnacle of her tradition of knowledge is the moment of Possession, a pact carried out by the witch upon reaching womanhood. In this pact, an evil spirit, a ju-ju summoned from the deepest pits of human fears and darkness, was called out by a secret chant to ride the winds of the night.

In order to control the spirit, the witch must allow it to possess a part of her own body, making of it a home for the spirit to inhabit. The pact was extremely dangerous, and the dangers included the possibility that the spirit would completely overpower the witch and possess her body in full. In Velvet's case, she was able to bind the spirit within her hair: her sister Lace, who was even stronger in will, was able to bind it to her left eye instead. The twins would be the first witches in many generations to bind their spirits so fully, and their powers would cause them many troubles and misfortunes, as others fought to control their abilities.

It was in the home of a sorceress named Michika that these sisters finally found peace. Perhaps the profession of a brothel girl is not the most typical for a witch of her powers, but it is one that she finds strangely appropriate. For her customers, her beautiful milk-chocolate skin and exotic features promise an experience like no other. For herself, she enjoys a safe haven from the dangers of the outside world, for in the Moonlight Mansion, sanctuary can be found for one and all. For her spirit, it is content for now to feed from the spirit energy of those who seek her out for pleasure, its malevolent energies heightening the ecstacy of her customers and transforming Velvet's own pain into pleasure. Perhaps some day, it will bore of this game and compel her to leave but for now, peace and pleasure can be found in the Moonlight Mansion for Velvet, as it has been found for so many others.
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