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Tricia by JessicaElwood Tricia by JessicaElwood
Vampire-hunter swordswoman schoolgirl with breasts that launched a thousand ships, and perfect ebony skin that makes poets stammer in wordless awe... Again, what else can you ask for? ;P

Desc by MoCaw!

Tricia Von Wolfsbane
Monster Hunter
Age: 17
Fourth Year Student, Avalon Magic Academy

Measurements: 33-22-33
Cup Size: D
Favorite Food: Flatiron Steak
Least Favorite Food: Anything too sweet
Blood Type: O Negative
Dream: To succeed her Grandfather as the leader of the Wolfsbane Clan.

Profile: Trish was the sole survivor of a vampire attack that killed the rest of her family before he was killed by the legendary Hunter Richter Von Wolfsbane. For this reason, Richter took Trish in and taught her the ways of the Wolfsbane clan. Trish was, however, always a black sheep, and ran wild and alone, getting involved with an all-girl gang and causing mayhem. After a series of events that she often doesn't talk about, she joined Avalon Magic Academy and left her wild life behind, rededicating herself towards the protection of those less powerful than she.

Personality: Wild and fiery, Trish is the kind of girl who does exactly what she wants, and what she wants is usually the first thing that comes to her mind. Trish's philosophy is: "It's better to do something NOW than to do something else LATER." She often has trouble with authority, and refuses to listen to those whom she considers idiots, which includes most of the adults she knows. Trish is, nonetheless, a strong and good heart who will always lend a helping hand to anyone in need.

Talents and Powers: Swordspace - Trish is skilled in the use of a bewildering variety of weapons, and she somehow has access to all of them at all times. How she is capable of pulling a massive zweihander out of thin air and start laying waste to those around her is a question that many have asked, few have ever managed to answer.

Hunter's Edge - Trish's body is in top shape, and is actually somewhat beyond the human norms. She is stronger, faster, tougher, and more alert than most normal human beings should be. This allows her to fight hand-to-hand with vampires, demons, werewolves, and other such nasties, without being turned into chunky red paste, like most normal humans would be who attempted to fight close-in with such powerful foes. In addition, she possesses a highly tuned sixth sense that allows her to sense supernatural beings hidden among normal humans.

Flaws: Hunter's Prejudice - Trish, as a Hunter, is constantly uneasy around supernatural beings, and that includes vampires, werewolves, reanimated zombies, and other such nasties. She doesn't trust any of these creatures easily, although Magic School Avalon's liberal admissions policy means that she is constantly around them. This is more than just a psychological mistrust, but a side effect of her sixth sense: It's like constantly being alerted to the fact that a potential enemy is near, but knowing that you are not supposed to do anything to harm them.

Richter Von Wolfsbane - The slightly elderly scion of the Wolfsbane clan, and the only other surviving member, aside from Trish. Was once a powerful and feared Hunter whose mighty whip struck fear into the hearts of his foes. Is now quite a bit older and slightly less physically able, but he still has it where it truly counts: in his head, and his heart.

Groundskeeper Arthur Cunningham - A perverted and slightly off-kilter groundskeeper and janitor who used to the the Principal of the Academy. A close friend of her "grandfather's," and a friend of the family. Flirts quite a bit with Trish, who always replies with restrained violence, given that Arthur is her close friend.

Nigel Cunningham - A nerdy, completely socially inept student at the Avalon Magic Academy. Grandson of Arthur Cunningham - former Principal of the Academy, now a groundskeeper and janitor and notorious pervert. Nigel himself has inherited his Grandfather's reputation for perversion and deviance and has mastered several spells of rather dubious moral value. Nigel may also be the hero spoken of in prophecy who is destined to save the world from a great evil. Then again, maybe not.

Quotes: "You should never have existed. I will fix that error."
"I am the sword that stands between humanity and that which lurks in the shadows. I am the rampart that guards humankind. I am. . . grandfather, please! I know it's raining, I'm making my speech now. . . all right, fine I'll wear the raincoat, but you're spoiling the mood!"
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HAHAHAHA, AH, YOU WON THE FAVORITE, HAHA, YOU GOT ME AT "Vampire-hunter swordswoman schoolgirl with breasts that launched a thousand ships, and perfect ebony skin that makes poets stammer in wordless awe...", I LOVED THE IMAGE, SMART AND SEXY AND BRAVE, AND THE DESCRIPTION OF THE CHARACTER, LOVE TO SEE THE STORY WHEN IT IT AVAILABLE. KEEP MAKING MORE AND BETTER EVERY TIME!!!
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Nice and Beautiful at the same.
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