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August 26, 2006
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Saya by JessicaElwood Saya by JessicaElwood
The first of a series I drew a while ago but never posted until now. They are done in a chibi-ish style I hope you people like! Desc written by Albert aka Mocaw!

Character Name: Saya “Styx” Kawasumi
“Ice Princess Samurai Girl”
Age: 19
Species: Fox

Background: When she was six years old, Sayaka Kawasumi’s parents were killed by a mysterious group of bandits who attacked their home and murdered the swordsmith and his entire family. Afterwards, she was taken in by the blademaster Toshiro Aramaki, who raised her as his own daughter and taught her the ways of the sword. Saya turned out to be a skilled kenshi, mastering the art of the sword swiftly, her fires stoked by the rage she felt towards her parents’ killers. Aramaki taught her all he knew, but even he was astounded by the speed with which she learned the Art. Painting her body black, and adorning herself with stylized skulls, she became one of the most feared assassins in the land, a skilled swordswoman whose swift blade would strike down over a hundred foes in a few short years.
Years passed, and Saya soon found herself loving Aramaki not just as a foster father, but as a woman loves a man. One night, when she was sixteen years old, she came to his bedroom, undid her kimono, and slipped under the covers with her master and her friend. That was the night that she lost her virginity, giving it up to the dearest man in her entire life.
Within a year, he would be dead by her hand.
When Saya was seventeen, she came across a letter from the daimyo asking Aramaki to kill her father, dated ten years ago. Nearly broken by this revelation, Saya approached her beloved father-figure and demanded to know the truth. “Yes,” Aramaki replied. “It was me.”
And with that, she struck a single blow and pierced his heart.
As he lay there dying, Aramaki revealed the truth: he had killed Saya’s father on the orders of the daimyo they both served, Lord Higashi. Lord Higashi had ordered Saya’s father to create a mystical sword of great power equal to those crafted by Muramasa. However, he had neglected to tell Saya’s father that the final step in the creation of the sword was the quenching of the red-hot blade in the heart’s blood of the swordsmith. Aramaki revealed to Saya where the sword could be found and begged her, with his final breath, to avenge his sin.
Thus began Saya’s final battle. . . which would carry her into the heart of the fortress where she could confront the evil daimyo face to face. During their final struggle, however, Saya’s sword was broken, and she was forced to steal the daimyo’s blade. Unfortunately, the moment that happened, she felt herself racked by a horrific pain, and was immediately pierced with a dozen spears as the evil daimyo escaped.
Lying there with her lifeblood flowing from her, and her life quickly fading, she heard a strange voice call out to her.
Are you ready to die?
Never! Saya replied. I still have a man to kill!
Your sins are many, the voice said. But I offer you a chance for redemption. Take my hand.
And when she awoke, she was in Death’s parlor, alongside two other recently slain women, and being offered a chance to buy herself some more time on this Earth.

Talents: Saya is a devastatingly effective swordswoman, a talented iaijutsu-ka who can wield a katana with consummate skill. She is also trained in all manner of womanly arts: fan dance, the playing of the koto, tea ceremony, flower arranging, and so on and so forth.
Her major power, however, is locked inside the sword. Because of the way in which it was forged, the blade is infused with the wrathful soul of her father. Like the Muramasa blades of old, it is a bloodthirsty weapon that will turn in her hand to strike a lethal blow. It will not be sheathed without having tasted blood, and upon tasting blood, it will strive to take the life of its target. However, it is also an extremely powerful weapon that can dispatch the most powerful demon in a single blow, if it lands true.

Personality: Cold and distant, Saya carries herself with a silent inner grace. In her normal guise as an ordinary samurai girl, she is quietly haughty, noble and silent and reserved and unfailingly polite. However, in her “battle guise,” stripped naked and painted with a design of skulls and bones, she is a savage warrior who can strike fear in the hearts of the strongest men. No matter her guise, however, she is always aloof, and refuses to reveal any information about herself if she can help it at all. She is, as one man once said, like ice: silent, beautiful, and refreshing, but also sharp and deadly.

Sexuality: Saya has only given herself to one man so far: her teacher and lover, Aramaki. With his death, she has sworn that she will never willingly give herself to another man. She is therefore the least sexual of the DDs and can only be taken by force.

Quotes: “Shi-ne!”
“Even if God forgives you, I never shall. In the face of this injustice, my blade will not stay silent.”
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