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August 26, 2006
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Joy by JessicaElwood Joy by JessicaElwood
More cartoony art, with another desc by talented pen.

Character Name: Joyeuse “Joy” Erebus
“Free-Spirited Thief”

Age: 18 years old at time of death
Species: Mouse

Background: Joyeuse’s first memory is of waking up, as a child, on a street corner next to the frozen body of her dead mother. From a very young age, she was forced to live on the streets, scavenging for food from dumpsters and stealing from unwitting passers-by. As time went by, this timid young mouse soon learned the arts of thievery, becoming one of the most talented thieves and burglars on the streets. Her talents soon became a sought-after commodity, and she would gain the attention of several large crime families, which used her talents to liberate certain items from various difficult-to-reach places.
In the end, several close calls convinced her that it might be time to put away the pitons and breaking gear and just lay low for a while. So when the stranger approached her, offering a ridiculous sum of money in return for her assistance in liberating two bone gauntlets from the University museum, she agreed. The job went off without a hitch, and she soon made her way back to the docks for her payment. Unfortunately, her employers soon decided that it would be better to keep the money for themselves and decided to kill her. Even more unfortunately, they also decided that as long as they had time, they might as well have some fun with her first before their buyer arrived..
Lying there on the cold floor, taken and beaten and about to be killed, Joy somehow stumbled over the table where the gauntlets lay. There was a flash of light, and the next thing she knew, the gauntlets had somehow fused themselves to her body. As if in a trance, she swiftly slew her captors and was about to escape when a mysterious figure stabbed her through the heart with a spear, knocking her into the water. She sank into darkness, where a voice came to her, and asked her one question.
Are you ready to die?
No, Joy replied. Not yet.
Your sins are many, the voice said. But I offer you a chance for redemption. Take my hand.
And when she awoke, she was in Death’s parlor, alongside two other recently slain women, and being offered a chance to buy herself some more time on this Earth.

Talents: Joy is an excellent thief and consummate break-in artist. She is swift, agile, and dexterous, and skilled in the arts of stealth, climbing, lockpicking, safecracking, and so on and so forth. Her favored weapon used to be the dagger and blackjack, but after her transformation, she now favors the claws permanently attached to her wrists.
Her major talent, however, is the ability to use the claws to summon up a bone golem from its gems. Unlike the undead, the bone golem is not a trapped soul animating a dead body, but a simple mass of dead bone being controlled by magical energy. Her favored form uses the bone golem as a kind of power-suit or mecha: she sits in the ribcage and controls the creature from within using the gauntlets. In this role, she serves as a kind of heavy armor support, taking on large monsters while Styx and Lethe handle the crowds.

Personality: Joyeuse’s greatest strength is her intelligence and cunning. Despite the fact that she is in control of the DDs’ most powerful heavy unit, her greatest contribution on the battlefield is in the fields of tactics and strategy. She is a brilliant chess player and regularly whips Death in games of Go and XiangQi.
Unfortunately, she also tends to have a short attention span. It is a truism among the DDs that if you need Joyeuse to do something, you had best make sure she finishes within the hour or you’ll never get it finished. She is easily bored and enjoys moving from one thing to another like a butterfly tasting flowers. On the other hand, if you can hold her attention, she’s also capable of doing absolutely nothing else for long hours on end, giving up food, drink and sleep to pursue a particularly interesting conundrum or solve a particularly difficult puzzle. She’s the same way with men, too: it takes a particularly exciting man to hold her attention longer than a date or two.
So far, she hasn’t found anyone who can do so.

Sexuality: Despite her rather bookish appearance, Joyeuse is actually the most sexually experienced of the three Death Dealers, and is quick to chime in with her opinions on all matter of sexual trivia. If there is a fetish or a kink or a deviant sexual practice, it’s a pretty good chance she’s tried it at least once, everything ranging from lesbianism to bondage . . . all except monogamy and abstinence, basically. She is also the most promiscuous of the three, searching out random men and always having sex on the first date. Free-spirited in every sense of the word, Joyeuse has sworn never to settle down. Not that she has anything against it, but really, she’s having too much fun to stop now!

Quotes: “No, you need to use your tongue more. Here, I’ll show you.”
“That was yesterday, this is today.”
“Come on, lighten up!”
*adjusts glasses* “All right, what we need here is a carefully thought out plan, but we don’t have time for that, so here’s my half-assed idea that I came up with in a last-minute panic instead.”
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Turbotowns2 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I love that 4th quote, so hilarious. XD
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Is this Puffy Ami Yumi inspired drawing by any chance? because it certainly looks like them.
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except all the nudity, and huge chests your artwork is very good!
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Wow, what story is this from. does it have an online link? if so, send plzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!! X3
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cool geeky-looking biatch. Nice claws! Love it!
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