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August 27, 2006
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Bella by JessicaElwood Bella by JessicaElwood
Fourth and final Death Dealer, with another wonderful desc by

Character Name: Bella
"Mysterious Veteran"
Age: ???????
Species: Frilled Lizard

** Background **
If you ever meet someone who can tell you Bella's entire story, they're lying. All that is known is that she is the oldest and most talented of the Death Dealers, a veteran DD who often takes on assignments alone, unlike the other three who work as a team.

The stories about her are as varied as the sands in the sea. It is clear, however, that she has been at this for an extremely long time, much longer than any other Death Dealer has ever done, and she seems to have a very close relationship with Death as a result, although there are hints of some other tension from some long-past event. Other than that. . . no one knows a thing.

** Talents **
Despite having lost her arms in some long-ago mishap, Bella is still one of the most formidable opponents you will ever meet. She is agile and swift, and her prehensile tail has been trained to the point where she can fence with it just as effectively as "normal" people can with their hands. She is a brilliant fencer, an excellent acrobat, and has the weight of untold centuries of experience behind her.

On top of this formidable array of skills and talents, Bella also has a highly developed shadow-control ability. She is capable of manipulating her shadows into a kind of telekinesis, using them to move objects and people with her mind. This usually more than offsets her lack of arms: however, it also has the disadvantage that her powers are severely weakened in darkness (where she does not cast a distinct shadow) and indoors with multiple light sources (where her shadow is dissipated).

** Personality **
Cold and distant, Bella carries with her a kind of quiet nobility that approaches that of Death himself. She rarely speaks about herself and prefers to be alone whenever possible. She has absolutely no interest in becoming closer to any of the other Death Dealers, and usually operates solo. However, she is more than willing to act as a mentor, tutoring the young DD's in the skills and knowledge they will need to survive in this harsh world.

There are hints of a tragic past, possibly involving Death himself, and a deep tension between the two of them. She will never be alone with Death if she can at all avoid it, and, in fact, usually avoids any contact with her employer at all.

She has a quietly mocking sense of humor that is fond of little double-entendres, but there is no malice behind it, and she is more than willing to turn it upon herself if she deserves it.

** Sexuality **
Quietly flirtatious, Bella is the kind of woman who always teases, never puts out. She is fond of acting teasingly around men, from teasing commands to tickling strokes from her tail, but she almost never actually consummates the act, preferring to use her eroticism as a means of control against men. Anyone who tries to force the issue gets a faceful of shadow-punch and a groinful of whiplashing tail

It is known that she has, at times, shared Death's bed. How this came about and why are questions that she will never answer.

In recent years, Bella has found herself most vexed by "Dice," a wandering roguish swordsman with the mysterious ability to resist her shadow manipulation powers. Despite all her best efforts, she has wound up sleeping with him not just once, but several times, finding herself overpowered by his talents in fighting and grappling. She is most perplexed at his professed attraction for a maimed woman like her. . . Dice's response is always, "Hey, you've got all the right parts, that's enough for me." More than once, she's wound up being slung over Dice's shoulder and carried off for the night, complaining all the while and cursing the other DD's for not doing anything to help her. . . not that she's been fighting all that hard recently. . .

** Quotes **
"I don't feel like talking about it."

"Catch me if you can. . . and you can't so don't even try. Save your energy."

"You lose. Requiescat in pace."

"Styx! Erebus! Lethe! Stop laughing and cheering and help me get away from this big pervert!"
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I like her nice paws.:+fav:
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you are really good
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Ammy-Yami Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2007
Holy..... You are awsome at drawing... Man, I wish I was you!I may have already asked this, but I can't remember what pisture it was on; what program do you use?
CrazyMorrifangirl Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2007
Interesting character, but wouldn't that be rape? She's made it obvious she doesn't want to have sex with him.
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