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Ayame by JessicaElwood Ayame by JessicaElwood
Ninja megane-ko vampire wizard schoolgirl with curves capable of toppling an empire... What else can you ask for? ;P

Character profile by the awesome

Ayame Kisaragi
Vampire Kunoichi
Age: 17
Fourth Year Student, Avalon Magic Academy

Profile: Ayame is an exchange student from Naifong’s “Abe no Seimei Gakuen,” having come to Avalon for three years in order to study Western magic to supplement her own onmyou-do and ninjutsu. She has adapted well after the initial culture shock, but still tends to be quiet and aloof, not associating much with “gaijin” students. After an incident in which Nigel helped her to save her friend Evangeline from bullies, she’s come to respect and care for the young man. . . a respect which may soon be turning into something deeper.

Personality – Ayame puts up a façade of coldness and calm, but the truth is that deep inside, she burns with a passionate fire that begs to be let loose. She often finds herself going off on passionate tangents about subjects that interest her, only to stop, cough, and then return to her usual cold self. Despite her often brusque attitude, she has a warm, kind heart and is always willing to help out someone in need, although she’ll never admit it.

Talents and Powers: Ninjutsu – In addition to being a skilled hand-to-hand and weapons fighter, Ayame can perform all the standard ninja tricks – fire breathing, split–shadow images, hypnotism, wall-jumping, doing fancy hand-jive motions, flinging lots of shuriken, and looking good in black.

Vampirism - Through a series of events that will be recounted at a later time, Ayame was bitten by a vampire and cursed with vampirism shortly after she arrived in the West. Ayame is unsure of the identity of the vampire who bit her, although it is clear that the Vampire must have been extremely powerful, for Ayame has all the powers of a Daylight Walker despite the fact that she is a Turned, and not a natural born, vampire. Her vampiric powers only manifest at night, and include hyper-speed and strength, accelerated healing, mist form, and the ability to transform into a cloud of bats. Combined with her ninja abilities, this makes Ayame an extremely formidable fighter at nighttime.

Flaws: Impulsiveness – Ayame never thinks things through, but immediately runs with her first assumption, with sometimes disastrous results. This includes – assuming that Nigel is a pervert, getting into a fight with Trisha, and a rather disastrous incident involving the school principal.

Daylight Weakness - Ayame's powerful vampiric blood means that she is not burned or harmed by daylight, but it does sap her strength. She tends to be sleepy during the daytime, giving her a reputation as a lazy student, and her physical coordination is also a bit off, giving her a reputation as a clumsy girl. The sunlight also tends to distract her and cause her headaches, which makes her seem ditzy. In short: Daylight Ayame is a clumsy ditz, but Nighttime Ayame is a deadly, and intelligent, fighter.

Bloodthirst - Ayame craves blood and must feed on it on occasion in order to recharge her powers: she usually does this by silently and stealthily using her ninja skills to go after drunkards and others who will not notice if they pass out for a short period of time.

Kaede Kisaragi - Ayame's older sister, a graduate student carrying out a course of advanced studies at Avalon. She is currently working at the school as a teaching assistant in magic swordplay, especially in the fields of Eastern magic. Kaede is much more reserved and quiet than Ayame: a perfect "Yamato Nadeshiko," or flower of Naifongese womanhood: elegant, reserved, and modest. This outer side hides a mischievous and rather manipulative heart: Kaede is fond of teasing her darling younger sister and making her frustrated. Kaede's preferred weapon is the nodachi, compared to Ayame's preferred shortswords.

Evangeline Emmanuelle - Ayame's closest friend. A rather shy young lady who earlier got into trouble with a group of bullies who kidnapped her: Nigel helped Ayame to rescue her, a fact that neither has ever forgotten. Evangeline holds an open crush on Nigel Cunningham, a fact which drives Ayame crazy as she professes that she can see no good in that "baka nerd. . ."

Nigel Cunningham - A nerdy, completely socially inept student at the Avalon Magic Academy. Grandson of Arthur Cunningham - former Principal of the Academy, now a groundskeeper and janitor and notorious pervert. Nigel himself has inherited his Grandfather's reputation for perversion and deviance and has mastered several spells of rather dubious moral value. Nigel may also be the hero spoken of in prophecy who is destined to save the world from a great evil. Then again, maybe not.

Quotes: “Sou ka. . .” (and other Japanese-isms)
"I cut that worthless idiot again."
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She has a great body. And the look on her face with the red eyes makes the start of a good fight scene. Thank You for your time on your Art Work.
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